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In 2011, Consumer Insights acquired Sonar Strategies, an innovation and strategic consulting group. This merger allows us to broaden our offerings across several areas. Through Sonar we now offer consultative services such as new product innovation and brand positioning. Leveraging the combined companies, we offer more complex perspectives to many of our traditional quantitative studies. For example, we have fresh new approaches to product testing, packaging design testing, market structure research (A&U) and more, complemented with a broad array of qualitative services including our game-changing IDI offerings. And we can enhance your research learnings by integrating other data sources such as syndicated data, CRM data, etc.


Our clients are looking for more than information; they are looking for understanding. At Sonar Strategies, we dig deep on behaviors and their underlying motivations.

This requires understanding our clients' category, consumer and business. We start every project with a learning and business objectives discussion. Then, using our extensive research toolkit, we leverage our past experience to create a custom study design for your specific needs. Whether we are using perceptual mapping to give you a big-picture view of the competitive landscape or utilizing our concept optimization process to drive higher purchase interest, we will maximize your learning to deliver the most insightful and accurate assessment of your consumers and products.

Our toolkit includes a variety of both traditional and unique methodologies to ensure study accuracy and maximize client learnings, such as:


Projects often change; deadlines often don't. Waiting for updates to package designs or concepts can slow down fast-paced projects.
In order to make the process less stressful and keep projects on schedule, we developed a graphics design team that can create new packages for shelf-set stimuli from your current concepts or packages available at retail. We also have concept writing and editing services for fast concept turnarounds.
Our adjacent services have been designed and developed to keep the workflow simple and smart, so you have the time to make the best use of the insights, data and analysis we deliver.

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