"We love this stuff"


We love this stuff. We have a passion for dialogue, discovery and decision-guiding insights. Our commitment is to go beyond what is expected to provide the most useful insights for you and your stakeholders.


Our approach to innovation efforts is, well, innovative. Share with us your most complex problem and we will find a solution. Your unique business needs form the basis of our fully customized research. We will use both traditional and cutting-edge methodologies to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Everyone talks about it, but we deliver. There are three key deliverables. Our research is predictive, strategic, and feasible.

"You have been an integral partner in helping us achieve success…and I thank you for that." Consumer Insights Client, NJ

The Sonar Approach to Actionable Deliverables

PREDICTIVE: We know how to ask questions and interpret results to get to underlying consumer understanding. It is not enough for your research to provide answers; those answers have to be right. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to knowing how to speak a consumer's language and interpret his or her response.

STRATEGIC: Insights drive marketing strategy and actions. With our extensive client-side experience, we know how to take learnings and transform them into marketing direction. Although we won't be designing your advertising campaign or product formulation, we will be able to tell you what it has to deliver.

FEASIBLE: Recommendations that fail to incorporate the realities of your business will not help you. This is why the first step in our process is getting to know your business. We listen and learn... then leap. Our knowledge of your challenges, both internal and external, will be evident in the conclusions and recommendations we deliver.